Advisr Launches the Advisr Index™

May 5, 2022

New York, May 5, 2022 - Advisr, the leading sales operating system for B2B enterprises, announced the debut of the Advisr Index™, a series of white papers designed to provide key insights into sales data across several verticals.

The Index is based on Advisr’s Reporting & Analytics suite of products. These products leverage machine intelligence and real-time data gathered from over a billion dollars in ad spend across hundreds of different categories to help sales organizations drive and refine their sales strategies.  

The Index demonstrates the type of aggregated, actionable sales information companies can access through the Advisr platform in real time. It empowers sales organizations to apply specific sets of data and metrics in the creation of compelling sales plans as well as helps inform overarching sales strategies.

The data revealed in the Index was captured during 2021. It focuses on eight local media advertiser categories with an emphasis on seven key metrics ranging from campaign length and goals to ad spend and proposed products.

“In order for local marketers to accurately assess sales opportunities and challenges, a review of local media sales benchmarks and data is essential,” says Quique Nagle, founder and CEO of Advisr. “The Advisr platform not only surfaces this kind of data but provides an infrastructure around which you can activate focused sales strategies.”

The Index also includes specific recommendations based upon a variety of insights. Some of these include:

  • In the wake of the pandemic, some local media vertical spends are up, such as home improvement and contractor categories, while retail is down.
  • Across verticals, targeted initiatives are driving shorter flights. Factors behind this trend include pandemic-driven uncertainties, a general pull back on spend, and an overall inability to support larger initiatives because of staffing and supply issues.
  • Programmatic is still king but OTT has definitely arrived. With more people at home  than ever, coupled with the increased prevalence of streaming and cord cutting, OTT advertising in local media has surged over the last two years.

“The type of data illuminated in the Advisr Index is indicative of the total access sales organizations have every day through the Advisr platform to upstream and point-of-sale opportunity information and key data points like proposal metrics, peer comparisons, market trends, and more,“ says Christian Hendricks, President of the Local Media Consortium. “This is an ideal tool to insulate sales organizations trying to cope with customer recalibrations brought on by the new post-pandemic norm and set them up for success.”  

In addition to the eight verticals profiled in the Index, Advisr has access to one hundred different advertiser categories. Future editions of the Advisr Index will focus on data aggregated from unique category subsets, product subsets and more. Sales organizations can reach out to Advisr today to learn how they can access additional datasets to help inform and refine sales strategies.

Current users of the Advisr platform already have access to this information with unique cuts of their own data by team, division, and market. Additionally, Advisr makes benchmark and comparison metrics available to its users to evaluate performance and trends at a macro-level.  

To download the debut edition of the Index, click here:


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Original article posted by PR Newswire on May 5, 2022.

Katie Campisano
Kamp Media
Relations for Advisr