A computer screen showing sales data from Advisr
The Advisr Index: Digital Sales Trends in Local Media

The Advisr Index is a series of white papers designed to provide key insights into sales data across verticals. The Index is based Advisr’s Reporting & Analytics suite of products. These products leverage real-time data and machine intelligence to help sales organizations drive and refine sales strategies. The Index will reflect a host of sales trends, benchmarks and insights across an array of verticals and categories.

In this debut edition, the Index focuses on data and digital sales trends in local media.

For a decade, media sales organizations have been trying to take advantage of data-driven sales strategies. In today’s climate it is more important than ever for sales teams to have all the product and market information they need. That knowledge allows them to proceed in their sales efforts with confidence. Gone are the days when intuition drove strategies and recommendations. Data has taken the wheel for good.

Complicating the picture, local sales teams and their local marketers must now account for a vast array of unknowns ranging from regional inconsistencies to supply chain issues and more. This can be particularly difficult for cash-strapped SMBs with finite marketing budgets in verticals uniquely impacted by the pandemic.

In order for local sales teams to accurately assess sales opportunities and challenges in this environment, a review of local media sales benchmarks and data is essential. The Advisr platform not only surfaces this kind of data, but provides an infrastructure around which to formulate a targeted sales strategy. The Index draws upon datasets gathered from over a half-billion dollars in media spend across 100s of different categories.

The Index is based on data captured during 2021. It focuses on eight media advertiser categories with an emphasis on seven key metrics ranging from campaign length and spend to campaign goals and proposed products.


  • Introduction to the Index
  • 2021 Digital Sales Trends
  • Industry Overview: Automotive Dealerships
  • Industry Overview: Home Improvement & Contractors
  • Industry Overview: Restaurants
  • Industry Overview: Retail
  • Industry Overview: Travel & Tourism
  • Industry Overview: Banking, Credit & Financial Services
  • Industry Overview: Real Estate
  • Industry Overview: Education

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