Enhanced AI Capabilities Yield Higher Conversion Rates and Larger Deals

December 13, 2023

Advisr has announced dramatically expanded AI and machine learning capabilities across its platform.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 13, 2023 -- Advisr, the leading sales operating system for B2B enterprises, has announced dramatically expanded AI and machine learning capabilities across its platform. These updates and improvements allow Advisr to continue to be the catalyst that brings AI to the point of sale, streamlining operations and driving revenue growth for B2B enterprises.

Changes to the platform include the advancement of Plan Assist—its enhanced machine-learning based planning and recommendation engine — and upgraded automated data ingestion capabilities to improve recommendation results. It also includes a ChatGPT integration for sales collateral development, pitch scripts, and intelligence.

"These tools mark a pivotal leap forward in Advisr's AI-driven capabilities," asserts Quique Nagle, CEO of Advisr. "They empower us to better enhance customer strategies, leverage comprehensive data sets, streamline product recommendation configuration, and continuously improve through intelligent utilization of performance and success data. By doing so, we are poised to transform the sales process again, driving improved outcomes and empowering sales organizations to make better-informed, revenue-driving decisions.

"In the past, clients faced challenges aggregating and normalizing diverse data sets, making it difficult to leverage AI effectively. For instance, media delivery data might come from one system, while search data originates from another. Advisr helps simplify this complexity by intelligently parsing and utilizing data from various sources, acting as a shortcut for businesses to harness the power of AI with ease.

“We are committed to making AI technology accessible and effortless for our clients, even for those unfamiliar with AI,” adds Nagle. “Whether it's assisting non-technical clients or supporting established players with existing AI strategies, our platform seamlessly integrates to inform broader business teams, ultimately optimizing revenue generation and decision-making processes.”

Advisr's latest iteration of Plan Assist not only builds upon the configurability and control that made the initial recommendation engine so powerful but also significantly enhances the value of the entire sales enablement platform.

"We are excited to be at the forefront of this AI revolution in sales," says Ed Kozek, Chief Product Officer at Advisr. "Our goal is to give companies tools that make it easy to implement sales strategies. These tools boost productivity by creating efficiencies and by effectively using data to intelligently meet -- and exceed -- their sales objectives.”

These AI-driven advancements empower sales organizations to better address common pain points — such as organizational bottlenecks in making compelling and strategic sales recommendations in a timely manner — by creating a constant feedback loop to improve recommendation output.

Advisr is also integrating with ChatGPT. This means sales teams can easily get detailed talking points about product features, match them with customer goals, and quickly come up with strong reasons to buy using personalized product sets.

"Advisr stands out by making AI accessible and effective," says Bryce Jacobson, Chief Revenue Officer at Seaton Publishing. “The platform equips our sales team with data, automation, and machine learning to boost performance and move our business forward.”

The launch of these tools reinforces Advisr's commitment to AI capabilities that specifically make better use of data and automation to drive revenue for sales organizations. These tools also represent just the beginning of what Advisr will offer in 2024.

In Q1, Advisr will launch a new AI-driven rating system that will provide a comprehensive view of a seller's performance and enable managers to easily assess performance across entire teams.

The combination of these enhanced tools enables sales teams to improve strategic quality, leverage robust data sets, simplify product recommendation configuration, and leverage performance data for better recommendations.

With remarkable results like 60% higher order value and triple the products sold per order, these and future enhancements continue Advisr’s mission to transform sales team performance and drive significant business impacts.


Headquartered in NYC, Advisr helps sales organizations become more efficient and effective in their sales engagements. Advisr’s technology enables sales teams to capture more revenue and increase share of wallet by automating pre-sales workflows and providing the infrastructure to scale. Learn more at: https://www.advisr.com/.

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