AffinityX & Advisr Announce Partnership

June 11, 2021

ELGIN, IL (June 11, 2021) - AffinityX is pleased to announce a partnership with Advisr, Inc. to utilize their algorithm-based media recommendation engine for its partners, which instantly delivers data-driven sales strategies and outputs client-ready presentation materials in real time. Advisr’s new technology is designed to leverage data and automation to accelerate sales velocity, increase deal size and gain sales efficiency.

AffinityX is passionate about helping local media organizations grow, and has expertise with nearly 100 different workflow and technology solutions. Adding this strategic partnership with Advisr to their existing tech stack continues the company philosophy that the right combination of people, process and technology creates the most successful partnerships.

“This is a very exciting time for AffinityX, as we transition to a new phase of growth and automation” said Adam Burnham, Senior Vice President of Interactive Sales and Services. “This is a new partnership that allows us to help our partners’ sales teams close more business faster utilizing our own data to power the decisioning, which ultimately increases share-of-wallet and lowers churn.”

This partnership with Advisr is expected to further elevate AX’s sales and digital revenue enablement solutions, which have already been at a world-class level even prior to this partnership. With access to this new technology,

AX’s partners can expect to pitch and sell more products, improve sales efficiency, boost visibility, lower training costs, and increase ROI.

Since deploying Advisr, AffinityX’s partners have witnessed remarkable results. Proposal generation is now five times faster, enabling them to pitch and capture more business. In addition, our partners have enjoyed a 10-15% increase in close rates and we have seen the average order value double.

“We’re pleased to work with AffinityX,” said Aaron Stettner, Managing Director of Advisr. “We believe our software solutions combined with their expertise in using data to improve digital marketing performance will enable profitable growth to AX customers. And with the depth and breadth of AX’s fulfillment solutions, sales enablement expertise and the AX operational process methodology, we think the power of our two companies working together can be game-changing in the market today.”

With this new partnership, AX will be able to quickly identify the right media mix based on each campaign's target demos and geos, ensuring that each tactic contributes to fulfilling the advertiser's objective. This gives AX's channel partners the confidence that they are selling the right things to their advertisers, helping them increase trust and customer retention.

About AffinityX

As a global leader in providing white-labeled digital marketing services, we are deeply committed to helping leading brands with small business customers and small businesses themselves grow through tech-enabled, data driven solutions. We provide virtually unlimited scale in operations simplifying the complexity of digital advertising that results in faster turn times and predictable quality and performance.

About Advisr

Advisr helps sales organizations accelerate their velocity. In three minutes or less, our technology recommends the right data-driven product mix for every campaign, enabling sales teams to capture more revenue and increase share of wallet. Our platform also automates pre-sale workflows, freeing up sales teams to work faster and pitch more business, while giving managers visibility into every sales conversation instead of just the outcome. Learn more at