Advisr Unveils Reporting Suite

October 13, 2021

Advisr Unveils Reporting Suite of Products To Meet Strategic Challenges Faced By Sales Organizations

NEW YORK, Oct. 13, 2021 -- Advisr, a leading sales automation platform that uses data and automation to help companies pitch, win and retain more business, is excited to unveil its Reporting & Analytics suite of products.  These products leverage real-time data and machine intelligence to help sales organizations drive and refine sales strategies.

The suite of reporting products includes the Sales Velocity and Business Intelligence reporting packages.  They provide sales leadership access to upstream and point-of-sale opportunity information for real-time visibility into key data points like proposal metrics, peer comparisons, market trends and more.

"As a rule of thumb, sales leaders don't have access to this type of unbiased, actionable sales activity data,"  says Advisr CEO, Quique Nagle. "Not only does Advisr surface this data, it provides an infrastructure around which to activate against it."

Providing sales leadership with access to digestible, real-time data about what's working and why allows organizations to deploy these insights as strategies. Furthermore, organizations can then leverage the data from these reports to adjust the Advisr recommendation algorithm to pitch products that have been proven to be historically successful while simultaneously identifying training gaps to inform operational recommendations and strategies.

The product was beta tested during Q3 2021 and was quickly adopted by several prominent sales organizations, including Bonneville, Beasley Media Group, and Digital Remedy.

"Having access to this type of data brings a level of intelligence to our sales activity that previously took hours or more to aggregate," says David Zapletal, Chief Operating Officer at Digital Remedy. "What makes us even more excited is the quickness with which we can directly apply learnings to our sales strategy to improve close rates and order values across the sales organization."

The average customer using the Advisr platform drove a 5x increase in proposal creation and a 60% increase in order value.  Additionally, sales cycles decreased by 10 days on average and sellers reported a 3x increase in products sold per order.  The key features in the reporting packages driving these results include:

  • User activity trends and selling habits
  • Performance benchmarking of sellers and markets against their peers
  • Sales pipeline and forecasting/trend analysis
  • Deal loss analysis with actionable insights to help prevent future losses
  • Historical proposal activity and product diversification analysis
  • Product analytics identifying barriers to entry and training opportunities for the sales team

The reporting suite provides access to data beyond basic, manually-inputted  sales information by enriching client data with market and product trends.  It provides visibility into everything from successful  seller pitching habits to targeted product recommendations for reps and sales leaders.  In short, it provides sales organizations a way to move beyond the data void of traditional sales techniques by leveraging all the information collected during every sales interaction to help personalize sales messaging, better anticipate the needs of customers, and create repeatable success with prospects.

Adds Advisr CIO Peter Fernquist, "We believe the best way to increase sales is to get better proposals out the door more efficiently with smartly aligned products that take advantage of a client's full portfolio. Actually achieving that can be difficult. However, we've found that giving sales leadership full-funnel reporting metrics and a platform for activation can be a real game-changer."


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Original article published by PR Newswire on October 13, 2021.