Advisr Announces Platform Integration with Operative

October 19, 2022

New York, October 19, 2022 - Advisr, the leading sales operating system for B2B enterprises, announced a key platform integration with Operative, the preferred technology vendor chosen by media companies across the globe to manage advertising and content businesses.

The integration will create platform interoperability between Operative's product catalog and Advisr's industry leading suite of sales tools. Clients will now be able to seamlessly transfer sales information between the two platforms, eliminating the need to rekey information into multiple systems, making the sales fulfillment process more efficient and reducing human error, and speed up the deployment of resources.

Joint customers of the two systems are expected to reap benefits immediately. Initial projections estimate that among numerous benefits, the integration could reduce time in traffic planning by as much as 25%, per entry.

"Both systems are integral to our sales workflow and having them work in sync will greatly decrease time spent on non-revenue generating activities across our sales organization," says Joe Weir, Senior Vice President from CMG, a client of both Operative and Advisr.  "We couldn't be more thrilled for this new partnership and the alignment of these technologies."

Operative provides a robust product catalog that allows clients to understand different variations and combinations of products and targeting formats to better manage rate cards and offerings. With the integration, Advisr customers developing data-driven sales strategies and proposals will now be able to seamlessly push campaign details directly into Operative's order management system for trafficking and fulfillment.

"This partnership represents a unique opportunity to unify disparate elements of the pre-sales tech stack to dramatically improve efficiency for our clients," says Quique Nagle, co-founder and CEO at Advisr.  "Simply by leveraging these combined platforms to reduce time spent on non-revenue generating tasks translates into millions of dollars of savings annually per sales organization, depending upon their size. "

A key pillar to Advisr's overall approach is centered around creating open systems that allow for better connectivity and transmission of sales data across the tech stack.  The partnership fits squarely with that overall approach by increasing the ease of use between the two platforms while providing more versatility.

"Interoperability between technology vendors is essential for media companies to automate processes, speed up business operations and increase accuracy," says Ben Tatta, Chief Commercial Officer of Operative.  "Combining Advisr and Operative's complementary solutions will create significant efficiencies in the sales process and, more importantly, allow clients to propose products in a more intelligent and informed way."


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Article originally posted by PR Newswire on October 19, 2022.